Classic FM Magazine
”Linda Brava, Finland’s violin sensation”

The Times
”Brilliant! Acclaimed by critics”

The Times
”The gifted Finnish classical violinist”

New York Post
”Finnish Phenom”

The Sunday Times
”She plays like Nigel Kennedy”

The Sun
”Vanessa Mae, Linda does”

Daily Record
”Just when interest in violin music was toning down along comes Linda Lampenius – the fiddling Finn has taken a major bow – she is already a sensation with her version of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue”

Los Angeles Daily News
”A striking Finnish blonde with impeccable musical credentials”

American Record Guide
”Her interpretations are all very sensible and well paced. Indeed, from the standpoint of structural clarity, this is one of the better Grieg Sonatas I’ve heard

Daily Mirror
”Pammi lookalike’s great on her Bach” 

Composer and critic Paul Turok of Turok’s Choice
”The high point of her fine recital disc with pianist John Lenehan is a strong reading of Grieg’s Sonata”

Classic FM Magazine
”Linda Brava, Finland’s violin sensation, plays with a pleasant, honeyed tone – making the most of her golden-voiced 1781 Gagliano violin – and an unaffected grace that will surely win her many friends”

Svenska Dagbladet
”She captivated the audience at the Ulriksdal Palace park with passion – The harmonics, the left- and right-hand pizzicato, the ardour in tone, the double stops – it was all there”

Dalarnas tidningar
”She has been described as a super violinist with Playboy attraction. When Linda Lampenius takes the stage in light blue coverings it is completely without prima donna behaviour. With total stage presence and a bewitched violin she enchants the ears already from the start and there seems to be no end to the applause after the entrance performance”

”Her music potpourri became a display in virtuoso violin playing”
”She is undeniably a gifted musician with dazzling technique and a big amount of charm”